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Magna Customization

As you must well know, our piece of 15 year old technology does not lend itself to aftermarket vendors that well.  As a matter of fact, the pickings are kind of slim to say the least.  I, of course, refuse to give up, and am on a constant search for anybody who will do custom work on the Magna.  I have found someone who customized his Magna with body parts that he made himself.  I think he has the molds left, and he is willing to talk to anybody who wants custom body work done.    Unfortunately, he is not hooked up to the web yet, so contacting him will have to be through the mail or phone.

His name & number:

John Morris
10 Old Pleasant Valley Rd.
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

Of course, if you contact him, let me know how it turns out!
Photos of his custom V65 Magna:

v65cus1.jpg (42183 bytes)v65cus2.jpg (36714 bytes)
v65cus3.jpg (38700 bytes)