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From time to time, V-4 owners send me photos of their custom or semi-custom motorcycles.  Many more owners send questions about what saddlebags, exhausts, etc.  This area will contain the photos of custom V-4's ranging from saddlebags to chrome to exhausts, and everything in-between.  These photos are great to get ideas, or just to see how your bike would look with some customizations.  Soon there will be more links to other websites.

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sabresaddle1.jpg (19701 bytes)Russell From Tennessee Writes: These are pictures of my best friend, Greg's V-65 SABRE. He currently resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After riding many years with two of us who own, 1982 CBX's, He wanted to adapt saddlebags to his V-65. As was the case earlier in 1984 when the V-65 Sabre came out, they were SUPPOSED to be offered with bags, as an option, from HONDA. I, once saw them in a brochure, I believe. So he ordered some used bags from a guy in Florida, painted them, replaced the lock and latches hardware, and had to add his own custom mounts from a 1983 V-45 Sabre hardware. The CBX and the SABRE are similar bags, but the SABRE is a little DEEPER and has more room. The mounts must be farther away from the bike than a CBX. Then he made his own luggage rack and uses it, only, when needed. It kinda takes away from the clean lines of a GREAT BIKE. And a little faster than a CBX, Not by much though.
sabre from mark keuper.jpg (18695 bytes)Mark K's Sabre.  Note the F-1 Exhaust and the solid red paint.
canada1.jpg (23243 bytes)This is a photo from a MagSabber up in Canada.  He has almost as much chrome as I do, and a lot of fringe!!
left side s.jpg (28004 bytes)bike and trailer s.jpg (23409 bytes)trailer s.jpg (26797 bytes)
This is Walt Gibson's 'Mega Magna'.  His was the first I've seen with a trailer.   But wait!  Soon TPM will have a dog trailer!
sa5.jpg (16415 bytes)My Name is Rina, from Johannesburg in South Africa (''). I've had my 1988 V45 for about 2 years now having bought it locally as a grey import from Japan. When I originally got the bike it was in quite bad shape cosmetically, so my husband and myself rebuilt it over about a 6 month period. The bike had a lot of rust, and white aluminum oxidization so I had to chrome a lot of the parts that wouldn't polish up.  Purists, we've taken it too far, but the bike was in seriously bad shape. We stripped it to every last nut and bolt and rebuilt from the ground up. We chromed only when we couldn't get a high finish by polishing, so there is chrome on the motor where we would have preferred to buff the aluminum.
We created a Super Magna "Logo" and applied it to the tank and tail fairing. All the work we did ourselves, including the logo illustration and the whole paint job, frame, tank, motor and all.
We slash cut the pipes only because the right side had been badly scraped, and we couldn't restore to original. The pipes had to be panel beaten to remove all the dents, so we had to cut the ends. We've gutted the pipes and rebuilt baffles based on the originals. Anyway, hope you like it. It's great to have a fellowship of other Magna owners, so well done to the webmaster!!

sa2.jpg (28079 bytes)sa3.jpg (26363 bytes)
sa4.jpg (27934 bytes)sa1.jpg (22426 bytes)
supermagna1.jpg (24737 bytes)supermagna2.jpg (31000 bytes)
When I bought my 88 Super Magna V45 it was stock all the way thru. Since then I have added a few customizing Ideas. I have found it hard to find custom parts for my bike so I was able to customize some custom parts!! That was the challenge I faced and had a lot of fun meeting it. These Magna’s are a separate breed of bikes and so very unique in there design.
These are some customizing Items I have done to my 88 Super Magna. I have added the following Items, Memphis Fats 21" Ruby Red Windshield, JC Whitney windshield trim chrome, Cobra Boulevard light bar, Cobra Headlight and spotlight visors, BG turnsignal chrome grills, Highway Hawk Radiator chrome grill, Jama engine guard, Honda highway pegs, Jardine luggage rack, Highway Hawk fender trim, Emgo custom scrolled mirrors, JC Whitney bag of tunes, Painted Honda emblem on engine case, National cycle windshield bag, Ultra Vista cruise control, Two Chicks custom license plate cover, and I am customizing a Vetter Windjammer to give me another choice of windshields. I have finally got the "Looks" where I want it to be and now will work on communications and other neat electronics. So that's were I am at now and love every minute of doing it all !!!  Howard W.
sabres3.jpg (27988 bytes)I purchased my used Sabre in excellent condition and was a die hard Yamaha fan prior to this. Both of my brothers were riding Yamaha's at this time. They made a mistake and rode my Sabre. Needless to say, now there are 3 Sabres in the Family. I recently had some work done including the usual upkeep items and some other things that needed doing. Mostly fork seals, a clutch seal, a helicoil for a stripped drainpan (done by prior owner!), new Metzeler radials, a complete Russell braided line system for brakes and clutch and last but not least a new seat by Corbin. Pete H